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333 absolutely unique alien battle insects from 20 planets

Crazy Alien Battle Insects are ultra-realistic multi-colored images of battle insects of many different species such as bees, ants, wasps, cockroaches, worms and much more. All are in avatar format in high resolution.

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333 unique Alien Battle Insects

All with extensive treats

All as JPG in 2048 x 2048 px resolution

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23 different species

from 12 planets

in 256 different colors

  • Dipteris

    Flies, cicadas and mosquitos live in harmony on Dipteris. While the flies and cicadas are relatively peace-loving, the mosquitos are the planet's defenders. They are dangerous warriors, attacking any intruder that approaches their blood camp with their sharp stingers and deadly venom. They are masters of guerrilla warfare, using their swift aerial maneuvers to escape their enemies and inflict significant damage.

  • Hymenoptera Prime

    The bees of Hymenoptera Prime are not only industrious pollinators, but also brave defenders of their hive. They use their stingers and aggressive swarm spirit to fight any intruder that dares to threaten their queen or their resources. The hornets and wasps on the planet are aggressive and fearsome warriors, threatening any opponent with their long, sharp stingers and poisonous venom. They are notorious for their brutal attacks and relentless determination to defend their territory.

  • Formicaria

    On the planet Formicaria, the ants have evolved into a highly developed warrior society that skillfully defends the surface of their planet. The caterpillars of Formicaria are the inconspicuous fighters, hiding under the protection of their armor and camouflage. However, when they transform and become winged creatures, they unleash their true power and plunge into battle as mighty butterflies. Together, they are notorious for their tactical cunning and their ability to overwhelm their opponents in a carefully planned attack.

  • Acarina

    Acarina is defended by its inhabitants. The ticks of are parasitic warriors that attach themselves to their victims and suck the life out of them. They are masters of camouflage and concealment, patiently waiting for their prey to approach before striking and biting. While the snails use as a deadly weapon: a sticky substance that immobilizes their enemies and makes them easy victims. They are skillful survivors, moving slowly but inexorably forward, breaking all resistance.

  • Orthopteron

    The locusts of Orthopteron are vocal and robust warriors that can trample any opponent with their powerful hind legs and sharp jaws. They are famous for their loud calls and their ability to mobilize whole armies of insects. While the millipedes of Orthopteron are feared predators that can overpower any opponent with their numerous legs and powerful mandibles. They are skillful hunters, gliding over the ground at high speed and killing their prey with lightning-fast attacks. Their long body structure allows them to move quickly and hide in narrow crevices while waiting for the right moment to launch their deadly attack.

  • Coleoptera

    The ladybugs of Coleoptera look harmless but are also fearless defenders of their territory. With their armored wings and powerful jaws, they bravely rush into battle and use their bright red wings as a warning to their enemies. However, Coleoptera bugs are masterful camouflage artists, remaining undetected with their flat body shape and ability to adapt to different environments. They use their sucking mouthparts to sneak up on their prey unnoticed and suck them dry.

  • Mantidara

    The battle mantises of Mantidara are masters of stealth and patience, killing their prey with a lightning-fast movement of their razor-sharp tentacles. They are feared hunters who strike with deadly precision and ferocious efficiency.

  • Odonata

    Dragonflies live on Odonata, they are elegant and merciless hunters that dominate the skies with their long, slender bodies and razor-sharp jaws. They are feared for their lightning-fast attacks from the air and their ability to catch and devour even the swiftest prey.

  • Arachnia

    The spiders of Arachnia are feared throughout the universe. They are cruel and brutal. Masters of intrigue and ambush, they capture their victims with a web of sticky threads. They lurk patiently in the dark corners of their planet, waiting for their prey to become entangled in their deadly embrace before being sucked alive in agony.

  • Thysanura

    The worms of Thysanura are underestimated but extremely dangerous warriors that can overpower any opponent with their flexible body shape and ability to move quickly. They are masters of underground combat, skillfully burrowing into the ground and attacking their enemies from below.

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